Please do not wash your Filters in a Dishwasher or Washing Machine.

Many people think that the Dishwasher is a great way to clean your filter based on the high temperature and the steam, this certainly isn’t the case. Not only could you damage the filter or dishwasher if it starts to break up you are also reducing the effectiveness of the filter, which in turn may cause damage to your hot tub.

Like the Dishwasher many people talk about putting their filters into the washing machine, this can also cause your filter to be less effective. When the filter is banging against the drum it could cause the plastic to crack and breakup. The washing detergents were developed for washing clothing and certainly haven’t been tested or designed for filter cleaning. This can also lead to unwanted foaming in your hot tub and a break down in the filtration of the filter walls.

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The best way to wash your filters is to use a hose with a good water pressure and remove the debris from the pleats. There are hose adapters like cleaning wands that help to get between the pleats. You can buy them on Amazon.

Once the filter has been hosed down place the filter into a bucket or container and fill with water until the filter is completely submerged. Add some filter cleaning solution and let it soak for the recommended time, which should be advised on the packaging.

When you take your filter out give it a good hose down again to remove any addition debris from the pleats then allow the filter to dry before using it again as this helps to kill any remaining microbes.

The benefits of a good clean filter can help with easier chemical maintenance and more accurate results when testing your water, which will make it easier to treat the water and ensure that any potentially harmful bacteria are removed.