Hot Tub Accessories was created off the back of our very successful Facebook Lay-z-spa Setups & Advice group, where we help to support new and existing members with information, which covers many topics.

The Facebook Group was first created in September 2017 but it didn’t attract many users until I decided to try and save a few pounds on the running costs. Its at this point I decided to create a Thermo Wrap Cover using materials that I could get from Screwfix.

During the process I captured details about daily running costs without a cover, how to create the cover and what was the end result “how much money I was saving|”. The group soon started to grow off the back of this as many were interested in saving a few pounds.

Now that the group has been developed and continues to grow daily we have decided to help our Facebook Group Members further by providing links to the products that should be used to maintain the daily upkeep of their hot tubs. We have also added a few extra products that pop up in conversation within the Group page.

We are very thankful for all members who have helped with the growth of our Group and the input that each and everyone has provided.